"En tête de ligne" Creation

Jury award Winner
"Rencontres internationales des arts du chapeau" 2009, 8th. edition.
"Atelier-Musée du chapeau, Chazelles-sur-Lyon"

En tête de ligne 01
En tête de ligne 02
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Theme        "Variable geometry"
Title            "En tête de ligne"
Material       Fur felt, wooded bead
Hat size      57 cm.

Summary description : "En tête de ligne"
                                     "At the head of the line"

A wide-brimmed fur felt hat is cut into five parallel curved lines, converging towards the opposite profile forming a circular movement, leading to a cut out of slanted, oblique lines suggesting a parallelogram.

Fur felt garnish overlapping a parallelogram, a circle and a triangle, joined in the center by a wooden bead point.

Head full of lines, cut and hand stitched, with a compass in the eye, after a 90o and a 180o rotation a hat comes « In the head of the line » offering three variable positions.